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Raúl Vidal Muiños  CEO/Founder

Raul is passionate about technology. After finishing several types of engineering and an Master's degree, his fondness for new technologies has led him to found Devinet with the aim of to simplify informatics creating user-friendly workspaces. With over 5 years of experience in developing apps for iOS platforms, Raúl is looking to keep providing solutions to new challenges.

  • Diploma of Higher Education in Computer Systems
  • Diploma of Higher Education in Computer Management
  • Engineer’s Degree in Computer Systems
  • Master's Degree in Computer and Management

Project Management - 100%

iOS Development - 100%

Web Development - 100%

Database Management - 100%

Cristina Rodríguez Amorós  CFO

Finance director, Cristina has a university degree in economics and has a graduate certificate in accounting and auditing, with over 2 and a half years of experience working in one of the "Top Ten " companies of the sector.
Lover of new technologies, Cristina has a degree in mobile application development for Android platforms and she's always looking to get involved in new projects related to ICT.

  • Certified Course - Android Programming
  • University Degree in Economics
  • Master's Degree in Accounting and Auditing

Accounting and Finance - 100%

Human Resources - 100%

Marketing - 90%

Android Development - 60%

Víctor Grande Gálvez   CDO/CWO

Victor has a university degree in multimedia engineering and has worked on several projects where he has acquired extensive experience in graphic design, user interface development, game design, augmented reality and digital image processing, audio processing and speech processing. Its objective is to design usable interfaces to reduce the complexity of an application without loosing any of its feature

  • University Degree in Multimedia Engineering
  • Master's Degree in Multimetia Creations

Design and Usability - 100%

3D Modeling and Animation - 100%

Web Developement - 100%

iOS Development - 90%

Pol Querol Queralt  Android Developer

Pol is an enthusiast of the mobile world and new technologies. It is currently focused on the development of native applications for Android, but although part of Java, he also know and has experience in other languages such as C, C++, HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP or Javascript. Pol combines all this with his other passion, the basketball.

  • University Degree in Multimedia Engineering
  • Master's Degree in Design and Apps Development

Android Development - 100%

Web Developement - 100%

Database Management - 90%

Digital Processing - 90%

Eduardo Ferreras  Android Developer

After finishing several certificates of higher education related to the world of technology, Edu is specialized in Android apps development, making web platforms and real time Client - Server applications, mainly developed by using Node.JS.

  • Vocational Education and Training in Electrotechnical Equipment and Facilities
  • Certificate of Higher Education in Cross-Platform Application Development
  • Certificate of Higher Education in Web Application Development

Android Development - 100%

Web Development - 100%

Javascript Development - 100%

Java Development - 85%


We realize that businesses need reliable specialist advice. Our experts will help you carry out your projects and ideas to develop specific solutions for each platform. Excellence and quality of service for our clients are our primary goals.

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